Last Studio Commitment

Last studio is committed to make the footwear industry more sustainable and we want to be at the forefront of the companies who are trying to implement better ways to produce, source and handle goods.


We want to learn with our clients how we can implement tools which can offer a different path for our industry, but at the same time still produce competitive product for the right price in the right quality.


We believe that by implementing sustainable values in the core of the company and making it part of our DNA we can educate our clients and give them a better understanding on how they can also work more sustainable.


We are proud to be producing our product in Portugal. Not only are we part of an old artisan industry, but we are also working within EU regulation which pushes us in a more sustainable direction where we can discard materials with Azo dyes, chromium or other harmful chemicals.


Being sustainable is also at the core of making a good quality, long lasting shoes.


We are committed to making the shoes we sell last longer and retain its characteristics and quality for as long as possible. We believe that Quality Matters for our factories, clients and the end consumer.

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